Victor Vorko’s bespoke cases

Violin cases

Victor Vorko presents a wide range of excellent violin cases.

∮ In addition to preserve and protect your precious instrument from external aggressions, the different material options offer you the opportunity to find the style that best suits you and best suits your needs.

∮ Whether your violin is acoustic, old, electric, left-handed, for children… We will be able to find the model that suits you.

Guitar cases

Combining aesthetics and robustness, solidity and lightness, the guitar cases are elegant and perfectly adjusted.

∮ The many requirements, the duration of the manufacturing time, the need to have knowledge of the raw materials, the qualities of wood, the glues and the coatings attest to the rarity of the manufacture of these cases.
∮ Did you know? It takes no less than six different glues to make a Victor Vorko case! In particular, glue is only used for the opening system of the case (highly stressed system).

Lute and theorbo cases

The workshop presents personalized cases for your Renaissance 8C and Baroque 13C lutes.

∮ The coating is moistened and then hot worked. When it cools, Victor Vorko shapes the instrument. He sticks it at room temperature, on the wooden structure. The coating hardens and adapts fully to the shape of the case, as if merging. The coating creates a real envelope around the case. Pragmatism and beauty unite to form a designer protective case with clean lines.

For traditional instruments

Folklore, meditation and musical therapy instruments, percussion, accordions… Victor Vorko pays particular attention to old and traditional objects with the aim of preserving and enhancing them.

Wood, velvet, leather, PVC, imitation leather, foam, locks, hinges, feet, screws, rivets, fasteners, straps, handles, glues…. He carefully chooses the raw materials ordered in Germany or Italy which allow him to ensure personalized and quality manufacturing.

A custom project in mind?

Our team is at your disposal to advise you on the design of the case for your instrument and the choice of materials. Depending on the information provided, we can make a free estimate of the price and the manufacturing time.