Personalized cases: a know-how that combines quality and elegance

Victor Vorko has developed an expertise combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology so as to ensure his tailor made cases  these essential properties: a clean shape,  crafted out of plywood; robustness, proper to this protective natural material; lightness, due to  its refining; and a natural protective sheath.

Hand-made cases: the choice of Paris

Today, with a wealth of expertise, achieved after twenty years of well-honed practice in Saint Petersburg, Victor Vorko dedicates himself to his art and craft in Paris.

With little electronic equipment, a knowledge of organic materials, the creation and production of his work tools, Victor Vorko revives once more the the soul of ancestral craftmanship.

Methods of manufacturing cases under control

Cutting, shaping, planning, refining, gluing, nailing, sanding, polishing, fixing, assembling, riveting, mounting, trimming, sheathing, lining…

So many skilled actions to be mastered by expert and loving hands to achieve Excellence.  


The closure system with integral wooden hand-made rods provides insulation without failure. Victor Vorko also designed a slider system protecting the case from direct contact with the ground.

The care brought throughout the whole production guarantees a perfect finish.

Victor Vorko offers a product of excellence ensuring robustness , reliability, instrument comfort, elegance and isolation for better preservation of your muscial instrument.