Victor Vorko offers excellent manufacturing guaranteeing solidity, comfort, reliability and insulation for better preservation of your instrument.

An expertise of quality and excellence

Victor Vorko cases are born from the meeting between the desire of a person, the instrument to be protected and a very rare know-how. Now based in Paris, Victor Vorko revives the soul of ancestral craftsmanship with few electrical devices, a knowledge of living materials, the creation and production of his work tools.
Its methods of manufacturing cases are mastered to achieve excellence: cutting, shaping, planing, refining, gluing, nailing, sanding, polishing, fixing, assembly, riveting, assembly, adjustment, sheathing, dressing…
The realization of a case is very complex and the precision of each gesture requires time. It takes about 40 hours to make a violin case. The profession has become rare.


Custom manufacturing

Each work of art is unique, which is why Victor Vorko does not use a pattern. He works from the precise outline of the musical instrument or work to be protected and therefore creates a single-use mould.

From its conception, every detail of the case is thought out to ensure the protection and preservation of the instrument.
Indeed, Victor Vorko designs and manufactures each case with a view to durability: this tailor-made solution ensuring perfect comfort and support allows better preservation of the instrument.

By these long manual manipulations, guaranteed of an authentic work, it signs an exceptional know-how. Far from the mass-produced cases of the industrial era, Victor Vorko perpetuates the tradition of bespoke craftsmanship.


After 20 years of experience in the creation of cases for classical, renaissance or baroque musical instruments, Victor Vorko is able to make inventive and original proposals to create a case that is unique and personalized both in its shape and in the choice of its accessories.

Victor Vorko benefits from a rich and exceptional expertise in the manufacture of cases with astonishing and complex shapes (theorbos, 18-string guitars, double-necked violins, 7-string bass, orpharions, organetto, works of art, etc.).

Listening, he will let you craft your case by giving you the choice of shapes, colors, materials, accessories and finishes. On request, he creates the famous hand-stitched topstitching: the Sellier point.


The art of detail

∮ A slider system protects the case on the ground. The details attest to the quality of the work. It is therefore through these that we recognize a craftsman: his vision, his involvement, his passion, his intelligence, his mastery, his talent… everything is hidden in the detail!

∮ The closing system with interior wooden rods ensures flawless insulation. This manually made and very discreet wand system requires many hours of work.


∮ The closed case leaves no possibility of air infiltration. Temperature variations are the first factor of deterioration. The natural heat, not infiltrated, allows an absolute comfort of the instrument and a better conservation. Wood being a natural insulator, your instrument is doubly protected.

A custom project in mind?

Our team is at your disposal to advise you on the design of the case for your instrument and the choice of materials. Depending on the information provided, we can make a free estimate of the price and the manufacturing time.