Welcome to Victor Vorko's universe...

Enter a world of excellence through custom-made cases for high-end musical instruments made by Victor Vorko.

For more than 20 years, Victor Vorko has been perfecting its manufacturing process, combining traditional know-how and modern manual techniques to transform its protections into true works of art.

The quality and refinement of its made-to-measure cases is no longer to be proven. Even the most complex shapes hold no secrets for him.

Traditional know-how with modern techniques

Victor Vorko has developed a know-how of quality and elegance: his work on wood refines the element while preserving its properties of robustness.

The lightness of plywood, a solid and conservative material, is the essential asset of Victor Vorko cases.


Tailor-made and customized manufacturing

Engineer, Victor Vorko designs a plan of the case from the precise measurements of the instrument. He works the wood to give it the shape he wants, then fixes the shape over time. A wide choice of interior linings and exterior coverings are possible for:

∮ Any classical, renaissance, baroque or traditional musical instrument.

∮ Any instrument with complex shapes

∮ Works of art

The story behind the brand...

As the craft tradition is still very much alive in Russia, Victor Vorko started his business by designing and manufacturing cases for classical musical instruments (violins, guitars, cellos). He first shared a small workshop in a famous building that houses the best luthiers in Saint Petersburg…

For the quality and uniqueness of his know-how, Victor Vorko received the distinction of “Grand Couturier de Musique” in Russia.

A custom project in mind?

Our team is at your disposal to advise you on the design of the case for your instrument and the choice of materials. Depending on the information provided, we can make a free estimate of the price and the manufacturing time.