Instrument case & art object case tailor-made in Paris – Victor Vorko

Victor Vorko: creation and realization of personalized cases

Design and production of cases tailor made  for :

Musical instruments: guitars, basses, violins, instruments of renaissance, baroque, medieval and traditional music 

Pieces of art or other precious objects with complex shapes.

Musical instruments

Away from mass idustrial production techniques, Victor Vorko carries on a tradition of fine arts and handicrafts, renewed and revived by his technological innovations and his true inspiration or vision,  and sustained by his authentic love and dedication.

Each of his cases, handmade out of the nobler natural materials and handcrafted with the help of modern technologies so as to be tailor made, offers a unique quality.

Victor Vorko sizes and fashions the wood to create a shape that will protect your musical instrument (guitar, violin, bass, or traditional) the best.  After the assembly, Victor Vorko lines the wood on the inside with a natural velvet, and for the outside, sheathes the case in leather, suede, nubuck, or another protective and solidifying material.

Art objects

Victor Vorko dedicates himself to a practice of excellence in his art and craftsmanship,  caring for quality, refinement, uniqueness and authenticity. Each case tailor made by Victor Vorko radiates the work and spirit of an artist-craftsman enamored by beauty, elegance and truth.

Some aspects of Victor Vorko’s unique know-how and mastery evoke the art and craft of a major fashion designer, and so, in Russia, it won him the title of “grand couturier de musique”