A story born in the heart of Russia…

- 90s​

The craft tradition

As the craft tradition is still very much alive in Russia, Victor Vorko started his business by designing and manufacturing cases for classical musical instruments.

He first shared a small workshop in a famous building (Zavod Accord) which houses the best luthiers in Saint Petersburg. Each floor of this building is a museum, works of art embellish the corridors, the open doors allow you to admire the authentic work of craftsmen: restoration of works of art, creation of paintings, manufacture of violins, acoustic guitars , electric basses, grand pianos…


- 2000s​

The luthiers' universe

The various exchanges within this place bring to life the soul of the country and its cultural richness. The magical sound of wood enchants this place and musicians from all over Russia order it.

Victor continues his craft activity in this extraordinary place and offers the luthiers of the building to protect their works.

To better preserve them in the face of drastic temperature variations in Russia and fatal for musical instruments (down to -30°C in winter), he chose traditional materials.

He chooses wood, which is a natural preservative. His first experiments consisted in refining it while preserving its qualities of robustness. Quickly, the quality of his work imposes itself in the world of luthiers and musicians.

- 2010s

The Parisian workshop

Over time, his experience allows him to respond to requests for the manufacture of cases with more complex shapes.

Victor Vorko then directs his craft activity in the design of custom-made cases for lutes, theorbos and Renaissance, Baroque, medieval and traditional musical instruments. Their extravagant shapes require specific technical knowledge and exceptional know-how.

Victor Vorko set up his custom-made case design and manufacturing workshop in Paris on February 2, 2011.


- Nowadays

Custom manufacturing

Engineer, Victor Vorko designs a plan of the case from the precise measurements of the instrument. He works the wood to give it the shape he wants, then fixes the shape over time. A wide choice of interior linings and exterior coverings are possible for:

∮ Any classical, renaissance, baroque or traditional musical instrument.

∮ Any instrument with complex shapes

∮ Works of art