Cases for musical instrument: a story born in the heart of Russia

Victor Vorko: 20 years of experience in Saint Petersburg in the creation of custom handmade cases for musical instruments

Victor Vorko started, developped and perfected his practice in Russia where art and craftsmanship have a very long and popular tradition, and where he won full recognition. After 20 years,  he has chosen to carry it on in Paris where he lives with his family.

Classical musical instruments: the starting point

Saint Petersbourg: Victor, who initially trained as an engineer and a musician, starts practising his feel and passion for designing and manufacturing cases for classical instruments (violins, guitars, cellos). He shares a small workshop within a famous building (zavod accord) which houses the best luthiers of Saint Petersburg.

In this building, each floor is a museum, pieces of art beautify the hallways, and, through open doors, one can watch and admire authentic and talented artisans, luthiers and artists at work: restoring works of art, creating paintings, manufacturing violins, acoustic guitars, electronic basses, grand pianos… The wealth of their exchanges breathes life into the soul of the country and contributes to its cultural richness. The magic sound of wood enchants this place and musicians from all over Russia order from there. This extraordinary place proves to be a real opportunity for Victor’s talent.

The luthiers are his first ideal customers: He offers them to protect their musical instrument from fatal variations in temperatures (in winter it is -30 °C). Wood being a traditional, robust and naturally protective material, plywood is his choice. But lightness is an obvious requirement, so the challenge is to refine plywood while keeping its robustness.

Customized case: a work recognized by the musicians

Soon the high quality of his craftsman work is established and he is requested to create bespoken cases for other musical intruments of more challenging, non standard, and somestimes most singular, shapes.

Then Victor focuses his passion and craftsmanship on customized and made to measure cases for lutes, theorboes and instruments of renaissance, baroque, medieval and traditional music.

It requires from him to innovate with specific technical knowledge and to achieve an exceptional leval of expertise and mastery for the sake of quality, elegance, to his customers’ satisfaction.

Such mastery, expertise and achievement have won him full recognition throuhgout Russia, as a “grand couturier de musique”.

Paris:  in Feburary 2, 2011, Victor Vorko set up his workshop in the french capital, with his wife Djamila Vorkov. He designs and produces fully handmade bespoken cases not only for musical instruments but also for pieces of art or other precious objects with complex shapes.

All along his true love for music and his authentic knowledge of musical instruments have nourished and are still nourishing his professional needs and his deep dedication to his art and craftsmanship.