A case or a personalized art objects : the craftsmanship of excellence

Victor Vorko makes a unique mound for each instrument. He always works by hand and takes into account the unique qualities of each piece of wood.

Every piece of art is unique…

Each piece is an unique work of art : violin, guitar, lute, paintings. This is why Victor Vorko does not use templates, instead he makes original mounds of the instrument or other piece in question. From day one, each case he creates is hand-worked to ensure the best possible protection from damage and deterioration. Being both hard wearing, strong and as light as possible, Victor Vorko’s cases are elegant and always fit for purpose.

… So each custom case has to endure over time

Each of Victor Vorko’s cases is built to last and because they are also custom-made, the customer can be assured that their instrument will always be kept in its optimal state.

Each case, being painstakingly hand-tooled, is lovingly and authentically made.

Victor Vorko believes in perpetuating the traditional methods of the past, and in this regard, he is second to none.